Start location beer and prosecco bikes

Nieuwe Hemweg 2, 1013 BG, Amsterdam
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(This is not our office! It is the meeting point and start location of the prosecco and beer bikes.)

Sometimes, you may have to wait a few minutes because we are on our way back from a previous tour. So, if you arrive at the meeting point and don’t see anybody, please be patient and wait until the appointed time.

Welcome to Your Premier Starting Point @ Brouwerij Breugem!

Begin your adventure with us at the heart of excitement and fun! Damtours Events and Borisbus are thrilled to introduce our exceptional starting location for your beer and prosecco bike tours. Located at Brouwerij Breugem, this venue is perfect for any event, be it bachelor parties, team outings, or friend gatherings.

While Brouwerij Breugem is renowned for its ambiance, our service is what sets us apart. Our starting location offers a vibrant atmosphere where great moments start. Here, you’re not just embarking on a tour; you’re stepping into an experience that celebrates the joy of togetherness and the pleasure of exploration.

Our location is equipped to cater to your needs, providing a seamless beginning to your journey. Enjoy the convenience of a well-organized meeting point that promises a smooth start to your day. After your bike tour, feel free to unwind on the terrace, where you can relax and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience with Damtours Events and Borisbus at Brouwerij Breugem. We can’t wait to welcome you and kickstart your memorable tour with us!

Where we drive with the prosecco & beer bikes?

Are you ready for a unique cycling adventure on the outskirts of Amsterdam? If so, our beer or prosecco bike tours are just the thing! With public transport and taxis making us easily accessible, you’ll be with us in no time.

Our carefully planned route allows you to experience the different facets of Amsterdam’s outskirts. You’ll be pedaling with your group through peaceful ancient forests, undulating landscapes, and historic farms that have beautifully withstood the test of time.

Along the way, you’ll discover hidden treasures like secluded fruit orchards and charming stables home to a variety of animals. While we’re unable to actually cycle inside the lush green parks of Westergasfabriek and Westerpark due to low bridges, we can certainly visit them and appreciate their beauty from the outside.

If we’re in the mood for a spontaneous detour, we might even swing by the famous Sloterdijk station. But remember, our main focus is not a strict itinerary. Instead, it’s all about enjoying the journey. And to help make that journey even more enjoyable, we bring along our own mobile bar! Whether you fancy a craft beer or prefer prosecco, we’ve got you covered.

Please note that our tours are restricted to the outskirts of Amsterdam due to city regulations prohibiting party bikes in the center. Despite this, we promise an equally thrilling and memorable experience. At Damtours in Amsterdam, our guiding principle is simple: let’s have a fantastic time together, at every pedal turn of the way.

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